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Location ipoh,perak, Malaysia
Introduction HeY fRiEnDs,NiCe 2 MeEt U..FiRsTLy,I wAnNa InTrOdUcE aBoUt My SeLf..My NaMe Is NaDhIrAh AmAlInA,u jUst CaLl Me DiRa..nOw Im 16 YeArS,i wAs B0Rn 0n 4 aPrIl 1995..i LiVe In Ip0h,PeRaK..nOw..I'M nOt SiNgLe(tAkEn)..I hAvE sOmEoNe SpEcIaL iN mY lIvE..i L0Ve HiM sO mUcH..mY pRoPeRtIEs..iM nOt PeRfEcT,nOt g00D aNd NoT bAd,N0T cUtE aNd N0T sWeEt,NoT sElFiSh , JuZ iM sImPlE pErS0N..lOvE aLl mY fAmIlY,mY sIbLiNgS,sOmEoNe SpEcIaL iN mY lIvE , mY FrEnDs..i lOvE u AlL