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Gender Female
Industry Education
Occupation Science Teacher
Introduction * University of West Florida - BS in marine biology * Volunteered at the dolphin research center in the FL Keys * Training in Seattle, WA/Gov’t observer on fishing boats in Alaska *Interned at Cetacean Behavior lab in San Diego, CA * Worked at Dean’s Photo (Ritz Camera after bought out) to pay the bills - promoted to store manager * Scratched my head wondering why I wasn’t doing science anymore * Began working at Sequenom (a genetics company in LaJolla, CA) – after almost a year of pipetting * Went to grad school at College of Charleston's (environmental studies) in Charleston, SC * Thesis title: 'Occurrence and distribution of bottlenose dolphins in the nearshore coastal waters of Charleston County' * Mason was born November 2004 * Environmental scientist/marine biologist contractor at NOAA federal lab...until budget cut backs * Met the hubs on * Took Disney cruise and got married on Disney's private island (on the beach) in the Bahamas * Started teaching high school chemistry at First Baptist School in SC (which the kids went to) * Clarissa was born April 2010 *hubby joined the Foreign Service in 2013 * Moved to Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia in 2013
Interests Photography, travel, SCUBA, blogging?
Favorite Books Harry Potter - on #2.....need more free time!