Frontage Road to Zen: The Retirement Chronicles

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Introduction I retired in August 2012 after four decades of jobs and self-employment ranging from social service to waitressing to lawyering to collaboration/mediation. I wanted to participate in the modern age - having experiences (no matter how banal) and writing about them. This is not your grandmother’s blog. I’m single, active, no kids. It’s not about moving to Florida or hanging at the club between rounds of golf or about what to do now that hubby is home all day. This blog isn’t practical advice, tips or resources for retirement. There’s plenty of that out there already. This is a chronicle of what this transformation - this transition/adventure - has been and continues to be for me. Delivered in small doses. God knows (that would be small "g" if it wasn't the beginning of a sentence) I had the attention span of about two paragraphs when I was working full-tilt. I'm going to try and remember what it was like being in the I cross over...become the answers I usually provided when anyone asked me "What are you going to do?": "Recover my authentic self" or "Whatever I want". The Frontage Road to Zen is now open. And there are no posted limits.