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Gender MALE
Industry Accounting
Occupation Scientific Researcher
Location Iraq, United Kingdom
Introduction My name is Mohammed. I used to be a devout Muslim who never doubted the truth and superiority of Islam. On 15/10/2006, I came across a scientific discovery that I couldn't fit within my belief system. I tried really hard to do so, but in the end found it irreconcilable with Islam. I then asked myself a very critical but rational question: What if Islam is wrong? In fact, I had never asked myself this question before. It cut a fine slit in the thick black veil of superstitions and pseudo-science which surrounded my mind for more than three decades. Through that slit I had my first glimpse of the real uncensored world. The intimacy was immediate and the temptation to see more was inevitable. Since then, the slit has progressively widened and my understanding of the world is thriving and evolving accordingly.
Interests Computer Science, Epistemology, Logic, Maths, Genetics, the Theory of Evolution, Bioinformatics, History, Geology, Archeology, Atheism.
Favorite Movies The English Patient, Aliens, Back to the Future, the Devil's advocate, Diabolique, Doctor Zhivago, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Moulin Rouge, The Naked Gun, Airplane!, Platoon, The Silence of the Lambs
Favorite Music Dancing Queen, My Heart Will Go On, Against all odds, The Phantom of the Opera, Evita, Time To Say Goodbye, Hello, No matter what.
Favorite Books The God Delusion, The End of Faith, God is not Great, Breaking the Spell, The Ancestor's Tale, The Ascent of Man, The Descent of Man, The Origin of Species, The Elegant Universe, ABC of Relativity, A Brief History of Time, BBC Ape-man

If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep?

It is hard to get a clear night sky in Manchester but if I get one I will definitely take the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent scene of the universe, though, when the sun rises, I will sleep the rest of the day.