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Industry Student
Location La Hard Dat Tw0 !!!, Sabah, Malaysia
Introduction *-> I am probably an emotional, deep person, passionate and a dreamer. *-> My life is probably a bit of a rollercoaster, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the drama! *->I love easily, laugh easily, cry easily, hate easily, and probably a bit emotional all around. Not to say that I'm "emo" or anything, I'm just more emotionally inclined than most. *->I can be strong and determined (maybe ^~^)...and more than a little hard headed. *->I love my friends sooo much. I am also very courageous and loyal, and I'm not afraid to take risks. *->Sometimes, I love to just kick back and have a good time with my buddies. ^~^ *->Prefer Good attitudes over A pretty Face.... *->Alwayz B.S.I.M.S.U.C.I.M !!! And I alwaYz will B !!!
Interests Sports, Japanese Anime & Drama, Korean Drama, Music, Dancing, Singing, Art, Sleep, Playing Guitar, Day Dreaming, Eat.....
Favorite Movies Horror, Comedy, Japanese Animation, etc
Favorite Music Alternative Pop, Rock, Ballad, Music Is part 0f my life !!
Favorite Books Manga ( Comics ), Novels, Magazines