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Location Toronto, Canada
Introduction I love music, art, makeup, antiques, avant-garde and gothic fashion. I find inspiration from history, mythology and fantasy. I love to read, I love to sing. I even like to play videogames! I can be a pretty dark person because of my interests, but my personality is quite perky and loud. I hope you find this blog interesting :)
Interests medieval history, The Reformation, The Crusades, The Inquisition, The Enlightenment & The French Revolution, ancient Egypt, psychology cognitive-dissonance, sociology, the economy, political philosophers, philosophy, Friedrich Nietzsche, Immanuel Kant, serial killers, historical tyrants, Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler, Elizabeth Bathory, metal, black metal subculture, gothic subculture, gothic fashion, horror and romance, alternative fashion, makeup, costuming, cosplay, anime, willow trees, cherry blossoms, fairy tales, adventures, forests, fae creatures, little trolls, dryads, nymphs, sirens, magick, wicca, paganism, the four elements, witches, vampires, wolves, dogs, foxes, tigers, dragons, Carpathian Mountains, travelling, Versailles, the Louvre, the Hagia Sophia, Byzantine empire, Julius Cesare, historical eras: Georgian, Elizabethan, Victorian; fashion through the ages (and the decades), Old Hollywood, classic movies, books, music, composing music, playing piano and singing opera, broadway, rock and jazz!
Favorite Movies Bram Stoker's Dracula, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter series, The Fifth Element, Leon: The Professional, Chinatown, The Prestige, The Illusionist, V for Vendetta, A Beautiful Mind, Blade Runner, Minority Report The Untouchables, Inglorious Bastards, The Pianist, The Phantom of the Opera, Shrek, Men in Black
Favorite Music Victoriandustrial, medieval-folk music, folk metal, black metal, symphonic metal, progressive metal, avant-garde metal, classical, new age, gothic-esque, doom metal
Favorite Books A Fine Balance - Rohinton Minstry, The Bartimeus Trilogy - Jonathan Stroud, Harry Potter series - J.K. Rowling, The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice, Heartsick - Chelsea Cain, Dark Demon - Christine Feehan, 1984 - George Orwell, King Solomon's Mines - H. Rider Haggard