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Introduction Welcome to a page courtesy of Miles, a game artist named after the oh so popular distance, An Aspiring Art student hoping to one day make it big and bring epicness to the masses. I'm also a fan of most things geeky from gaming to tokusatsu whose influences you will see in my posts, anyway enough of my intro, read on my dear readers and I hope you enjoy my random musings.
Interests Drawing and Games, watching anything obscure (if someone tells me about it, for some reason I suck at finding obscure things), watching anime and reading comics in general be they French, American etc. Collecting A LOT of toys =P
Favorite Movies Transformers, cos of the SFX (it did kind of mess with the mythos but can't have everything can ya, I enjoyed it for what it was), Kung Fu Hustle, Karas, (for sheer style even though the film had poor plot direction), District 13, (amazing stunts), Ong Bak (Same reason), and many more films but those are ones I've rewatched recently so they're fresh in my memory.
Favorite Music jmusic in general =P mostly rock and what not but I am not prone to other styles, I sometimes enjoy classical and hip hop.
Favorite Books As of Summer 08 I have completed a grand total of....two books, both written by Dan Brown, the da vinci code and Angels and Demons.