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Introduction I am a Freedom Fighter in my heart the blood for tyrants running Through my veins.What I see around me happening on a daily basis around the world and to the people that live in this new age of technology, the on going revolutions between ourselves. The knowledge at the top of the pyramid. one can just think and use the spiritual mind and sens that what is going on today, all the bad things that happen to our humanity is not because Global Warming or that guns are bad or that terrorist is the buggy men. The fact is that the Globalist, the New world order, Illuminati what ever you want to call the powers that be. Want complete control over the world in all the people the are left after their depopulation agenda. "For one to stay free means a commitment"~Nizkorn2. We must all wake up and realize the true power we all have inside ourselves and unite under love of Freedom not under a rule of a monarchy of nations, but as us for the people by the people like it all started.