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Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Introduction I often question the mysteries of this world...the meaning of life...the reason for being. I ponder why we are, why we wonder, why we cease to be. I ask myself who I am. I look into my inner being and mesh with its many forms; for there are many. Colors. Swirling colors… and haphazard rays of thought. All revolve within a central orb I can only imagine as comprising my soul. This life source is what holds me; it makes me. It contains me and protects. It is a womb from which I may never part - no matter how hard I resist. This orb is within each and every one of us, although no two are akin. That is the beauty of it. Diversity separates us. I can influence the world – me... I can discover anew, embrace face, inspire the earth. But who - who am I? I am Rachel. I. Am. Me.
Interests I seek to discover new worlds - to create vast empires of my own.
Favorite Movies V For Vendetta, The Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, King Kong...
Favorite Music Anything and Everything!
Favorite Books Oh, goodness! So many to list! Just to name a few: The Shannara Series, The Belgariad, The Mallorean, The Lord of the Rings, Green Angel Tower, The Godspeaker Trilogy, Heart of Darkness...

When your science teacher smashed a frozen rose with a hammer, did you warm the petals to bring them back to life?

Yes; I cupped the frozen shards in my palm until the delicate rose sprung to life. The petals never die. I keep them in a jar on my bedside. They give me the most fascinating dreams!