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Introduction On my first day of school, the school staff asked my dad at the registration desk:" would you like to give her an English name?" I agreed "Xi Xia" will surely attract bullies. My dad was unprepared, the two names that popped out were "Jessie" and "Nancy". At last he ambitiously named me after Nancy Reagan. I was not exactly happy with the name, it was plain. To my knowledge, most people used the back of the dictionary to pick their own English name, it was a precious privilege to choose their own name according to whom they think they are. Yet, once again I let my parent named me, not to mention I am not too crazy about my Chinese name. But many years later, as I googled the meaning of "Nancy", I found that it's a Hebrew name and it means "Grace". One can only understand what Grace is by understanding what Justice and Mercy are. "Justice" means giving you what you deserve; "Mercy" means not giving you what you deserve; and "Grace" means giving you what you do not deserve. . . I love my name.