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Introduction Tomorrow's Theme posts a suggested theme of the ensuing day. With time to read, reflect, and digest, you are able to plan for that theme as thoughtfully or unceremoniously as you would like. **************************************************** The Themer of the Future offers the most minor of services. To be your helpful anticipator, the red carpet unfolding ahead of you to soften the blow of life's hard knocks, your invaluable guide to the completely trifling... in short, this blog offers to make your life easier. To think together about some kind of tomorrow... about many kinds of tomorrows. This Themer may not know much, but is pretty sure tomorrow will keep coming. **************************************************** ...because who wants to live in the present... ...because wouldn't life be so much easier if every day had a theme. ...because if we could know one thing in life before it happened, we would all feel pretty darn smart.... and maybe reassured.