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Gender Male
Industry Agriculture
Occupation Farmer
Location Jordan Station, Ontario, Canada
Introduction I love killing weeds. I am currently undergoing extreme training and study to become a master at their destruction...I work towards their demise 25.3 hours a day...the rest of the day...who needs it.
Interests Farms, farming, farm equipment, agriculture, weeding, flame weeding, fire...you know, the basic stuff
Favorite Movies LOTR, Matrix, there is another one but I can't remember it.
Favorite Music Lindsey Stirling, heavy metal, they go so well together.
Favorite Books Books about weed control, LOTR.

Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?

Since there are no blue raspberries, blue is the simple dissection of a purple raspberry into its 2 primary colours, red (for which a raspberry exists) and blue. Not wanting blue to feel left out, manufacturers have been making blue raspberry flavour for thousands of years.