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Introduction think offbeat. junkies. in full color. this machine’s got connections. terror level color schemes. intelligence report. electrodes. anthrax envelopes. leering eyes. conveyer belt. broccoli. buttons and zippers. critical analysis. swing set. don’t answer the phone. locusts. street signs. don’t judge us. terrible toddlers. wastebaskets. tooth decay. hot pink hobos. supermassive black holes. wheelchairs. child safety locks. little paper cups. clogged drains. receding hairlines. ringworm. scar tissue. box cutter. novocaine. let go of my lip. spinal tap. camus. dead rats on the landing. pen caps. battery juice. fizzy lifting drinks. flimsy matches. scented candles. cinnamon. feminist felines. crazy bonfire builders. tough skin. prime numbers. amniotic fluid. parking garages. screech. greasy uterus. pocket lint. dirty laundry.