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Gender MALE
Location Canada
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Introduction Funny (looking), not right in the head, talkative, short, mostly confused........ All the qualities that you're afraid of in a parent.
Interests Humor, Havoc, Hilarity, Happiness, Hysteria, and Helping
Favorite Movies Office Space, A Clockwork Orange, Spaceballs, Empire Strikes Back, Backdraft, Mars Attacks, The Princess Bride, Saw, Se7en, Someone Like You, George Romero's Living Dead Movies, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Favorite Music Mike Evin, The Pickups, Kat Burns, Bach, Barenaked Ladies, Garth Brooks, Big & Rich, Moxy Fruvous, Sarah Harmer, Great Big Sea, Captain Tractor, Arrogant Worms, Pink Floyd, Mike Evin, Carrie Catharine
Favorite Books Anything by Stephen King, The Narnia Chronicles, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Douglas Adams' Books, Mark Leslie's work

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