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Industry Internet
Occupation Owner, Wife, Mother, Patriot, Friend
Location Heartland Central, United States
Introduction Welcome :) Our goal for our homestead is to be self-reliant, self-sustaining and pretty independent. This isnt because we believe in the nonsense global warming (the science is NOT settled), but because it is fiscally responsible, prudent and Christian (taking care of what we have been given). As of late, it is also a blog about being PREPARED - Survival. Follow us along and watch / laugh as the land virgins go pioneer!
Interests History, survival, politics, cooking, homesteading, laughing, travel, Wine, our Land
Favorite Movies Anything where things blow up, USA rocks and the hero gets the girl - and if you make me laugh, its a bonus!
Favorite Music Best random story...found turtle on the land - Will picked it up and turned it around to look at its rear...proceeds to point it out and stick his finger between the shells and the turtle clamped it shell shut - just like you would clamp your cheeks shut if someone tried to check your oil south of the border! It took John prying the turtle shell apart enough for me to get my finger in there to get Will's finger out - all the while Will is screaming and John and I are trying hard not to burst out laughing.... Lets just say that getting his finger caught in the turtle's rear made a HUGE impression and he still does not see the humor - its one of my favorite stories!
Favorite Books Bible Authors: Fiction - Michael Connoly, Harlan Coben, Janet Evonovich Non-Fiction - Joel Salatin (Farmer - google him), Glenn Beck, David McCullough Actual Books: The Federalist Papers. Omnivores Delimma, The Art of Raising a Puppy, Housekeeping Handbook

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

I am being PROACTIVE in regards to sleep integrity.