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About me

Occupation Salon Owner
Location Akron, Ohio
Introduction An aging hairdresser still turning heads and running a small business, successfully and UNsuccessfully, depending on what has occured that particular day. Seeing the need to capture and share some of the more memorable moments of my life and the world around it, both in and out of the salon, I decided I would give a stab at creating this blog. (knowing full well that it may be of no interest to anyone but myself) And that's okay.
Interests many and varied
Favorite Movies Life is beautiful, Princess Bride, 3 Days of the Condor, & most recently, "Up".
Favorite Music R&B, Jazz, 60's, even a little country & classical
Favorite Books War and Peace (are you kidding me?), Mere Christianity (not kidding you), Lambs Book of Life (never actually read it but heard my name was in it), Whithering Heights (just put that in there to sound sophisticated)