About me

Gender MALE
Industry Science
Occupation Retired
Location Mountain West, United States
Introduction Born, raised upper Midwest. Chemist, Army officer, Chemical Corps, Dugway-PG/Pentagon: lab mgr Army Ammo plant during VN, cosmetics for a few years, finished career in initiating explosives research & production mgt. Small arms ammo from varmint plinkers to Warthogs, 30 yrs-Several patents. Retired 13 yrs ago and enjoyed the whole journey...and retirement isn't bad either!
Interests History, paleoanthopology, DNA, Interior Ballistics, Civil War, WW II, forensics, medicine, canoe camping, biochemistry, education, geography, archeology, railroads, physiology, thermodynamics
Favorite Movies Groundhog Day, Blast From the Past, The Bishop's Wife, Band Of Brothers, Gettysburg
Favorite Music The Seekers, Classical, Broadway tunes, Baroque
Favorite Books Shelby Foote, James McPherson, Bruce Catton, Carl Sagan, Kevin Phillips, Bart Ehrman, Susan Jacoby