About me

Industry Education
Location Southern California, United States
Introduction While on my unicycle I am reminded to be careful not to lose my footing at work, in friendships, keeping up with regular exercise, home management and overall sanity. Yes, I sometimes slip up, and I have to put my foot back on the ground and refill that single tire with daily laughter. Unicycling for over thirty years, I have learned that I often have to start over. I’ve needed the help overcome an eating disorder, hold on tight through my son’s open heart surgeries, and try to keep my poise after a house fire. Pedaling at life’s steady pace, UnicycleRose seeks God at every turn because face it, falling down and wobbling is part of the reality. I steer from the heart to get past the bruises, fill up my day with humor and share stories that come from balancing the Fisher Family on my little-rig, single wheeler.
Interests Loving my family and my Creator and not falling on my face while riding my unicycle. Oh, I enjoy caring for plants, gardening, writing and sitting in the sun. I love working with fourth graders and going to the movies.
Favorite Movies The Sound of Music, Victor Victoria, Walk the Line and many others yet, I am drawing a big fat blank.
Favorite Music Neil Diamond, The Carpenters, The Bee Gees, Dance music, Any 70's music, Loads of 80's, Black Eyed Peas, Celine Dion...okay, I admit, I am VERY eclectic!
Favorite Books Non-Fiction anything....John Bradshaw on the Family, The Road Less Traveled, The Bible, biographies....