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Occupation Jane of all Trades
Location Canutillo, TX, United States
Introduction I am trying to find who I am supposed to be. ...but there are just so many choices
Interests Screw all of the "real information junk" i like eyeshadow, high heels, sushi, fire jolly ranchers, good music, long fingernails, thick mascara, bows on my undies, shopping for books, antiques, the smell of linseed oil, photographs, biographies of interesting people, sleeping in, cold days, fireplaces, softball weather, learning, my ipod, fortune cookies, staying up late, larkspur, intelligent movies, jet skis, getting snail mail, eating m&m's by color, Clue, eBay, organic products, hemp clothes, friends, funny bumperstickers, politics, abnormality in general, painting, glitter, bunnies, a good tan, traveling, dark nail polish, sleeping pills, dirt, lovers, tattoos, silly jokes, nose-rings, challenges, jewelry, people-watching, planning, Santa Fe, airports, ellipses, greeting cards (the good ones not the cheesy onese), seeing good art, gallery hopping, jack & coke, secrets, tolerance, my Bose Speakers, wrought iron, funky lamps, tin ceiling tiles, scavenger hunts, Pure Beech sheets, space heaters, gift giving, fog, Chico's Taco's and Arbonne (seriously)....there now thats better.

Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?

I have some experience with whittling with soap, and let me remind you that soap fumes are toxic....(I know you are thinking this explains a lot)