Why are most Indian women unfit?

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Introduction Ben, who both directs and stars in the movie, said that the then 22-year-old was "very poised and comfortable" about the sequence and that she acted "more mature than some of the crew members". You can say “eline sağlık” or in more formal way “elinize sağlık” means “I wish health to your hands” before or after you hear afiyet olsun. <- This one is the most common and proper response to afiyet olsun. Or you can say “teşekkür ederim” after someone told you afiyet olsun. You can also say “teşekkürler” These both mean thank you but last one sounds a little bit less sincere in its essence. The first time I heard Turkish, I didn’t know what to expect. It was a Turkish soap opera on Greek tv. I thought it was the best going to sound similar to Arabic or some other Middle Eastern language (at least the way I have them in my mind, since I don’t speak any of those languages). In Greek we have some Turkish words in our vocabulary (especially when it comes to food), so I was under the impression that Turkish language would be harsh with a lot of consonants.