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Gender MALE
Location Jackson, Wyoming, United States
Introduction Born and raised in Chicago, then Indiana. Went to Purdue University to study Industrial Design with Victor Papanak. Ended up doing graphic design, first for television, CBS and NBC news. Came to Jackson Hole in 1979 with no idea I would stay. I started Finegan|Thompson with my partner, Liz Finegan. We married and have two daughters, both girls. One is a realtor, living in Ft. Collins, CO, with her husband Matt and the other is a graphic designer for Brooks Shoes in Seattle, WA. I used to own an office but now I rent it out and work from a studio in my home. I also create boxes (art) with found objects and bits of stuff I find from my or someone else's past. They often contain squashed, previously frozen gloves I pick up in the road.
Interests Graphic design, classical music, rock and jazz, cooking, contemporary art, what constitutes hipness and why.
Favorite Movies Dr. Strangelove, Alphaville, 2001, GO, The Maltese Falcon, just to name a few
Favorite Music Of course the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, then in no particular order Korea Girl, the Au Pairs, Joe Henderson, Sonny Rollins and a lot of Old and recent guitar blues.
Favorite Books This is tough. My tastes change. A while back, Pynchon but I got burned out, When I really want to punish myself, Moby Dick and lately books by LeCarre.

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