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Gender Male
Industry Accounting
Occupation Professional Curmudgeon
Location Independence, MO, United States
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Introduction Xavier Onassis is the nom de blog for a cranky, old, white guy spewing often ill-informed opinions about whatever the Hell he wants, just because he can. Deal with it, bitch. While it is true that Xavier is white and does indeed live in the suburbs, he isn't nearly as "hip" as he thinks he is. Not even close. In fact, from where he is, you couldn't see "hip" with the Hubble Space Telescope. "Don't hate me because I'm white. Hate me because I'm an asshole." Proud Member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals).
Interests Mostly I'm interested in getting a rise out of someone. If I put someone's panties in a twist with one of my posts then I've done my job.
Favorite Movies Boobs; spaceships; monsters; car chases. In that order.
Favorite Music Punk polka.
Favorite Books "How To Get Stupid Goddamn People To Leave You THE FUCK Alone!" by Xavier Onassis (coming soon to a small neighborhood bookstore from a private publishing house yet to be disclosed)

Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?

What kind of stupid fucking question is that? Get the fuck outta here!