About me

Gender Male
Industry Law
Occupation Lawyer
Location Encino, California, United States
Introduction I have an amazing wife and a toddler girl who owns me. Life is good today. In 2006, Time Magazine voted me their annual Person of the Year. I was both honored and humbled. Coverage at:,9171,1569514,00.html
Interests Family, friends, and pugs first. Then other interests including disaggregated social media and uber-meta networks; hitting the gym; reading; fine wine; cyberlaw; my nano; UCLA; ethnic sweets; renewable energy policies; retro; Bill O'Reilly but not Ann Coulter; and my favorite holiday, Halloween!
Favorite Movies Almost anything by (not in order of preference): Tarantino; Paul Thomas Anderson; Mel Brooks; Woody Allen; Blake Edwards; Jerry Lewis; John Landis; Harold Ramis; Spike Jonze; George A. Romero and other zombie movies; Clint Eastwood; John Carpenter; Spielberg; Ridley Scott; Michael Mann; Cameron; Martha Coolidge; Walt Disney; Richard Donner; Terry Gilliam; Francis, Sofia, and Roman Coppola; Demme; Martin Scorsese; Coen Bros; Milos Forman; Wim Wenders; Kubrick; Zemeckis; Peter Jackson; M. Night Shyamalan; Robert Wise; Rod Serling; Oliver Stone; Jim Henson; Chuck Jones; Tex Avery; Ub Iwerks; Max Fleischer and Winsor McCay. The Marx Brothers; Superman; 80's brat pack...
Favorite Music Eclectic is the word: Queen; G&R; Devo; Tenacious D; 2-Pac; Bowie; George Harrison and those other 3 guys; Thin Lizzy; Curtis Mayfield; Billy Preston; America; Jon Brion; Boingo; Lalo Schifrin; Carpenters; Misfits; Wondermints; Brian Wilson; Paul Williams; The Doors; MacDermot, Rado, and Ragni; Ohio Players; Howard Shore; X; Foo Fighters; U2; The Police; '60s and '70s pop; Velvet Underground/early Lou Reed; Shatner; Arlo Guthrie; Joni Mitchell; Metallica; Rodrigo; Segovia; Dr. Dre; some Eminem; early Ice-T; Ice Cube; Cheap Trick; George Carlin; Steve Martin; Richard Pryor; Cheech & Chong; Sam Kinison; Rodney Dangerfield; Sex Pistols; Suicidal Tendencies; Taj Mahal; Scatman Crothers; Cab Calloway; Sinatra; Donovan; Steely Dan/Donald Fagen; Natalie Merchant/10, 000 Maniacs; Madness; The Shins; Mozart; Jane's Addiction; Beastie Boys (esp. Paul's Boutique); Genesis/Collins/ Gabriel; Schoolhouse Rock; Seu Jorge; Johnny Cash; Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.
Favorite Books Wine Spectator; A Man on the Moon (Chaikin); anything else about space exploration and cosmology, especially Carl Sagan; Fighting Terrorism (Netanyahu); 2001: filming the future (Bizony); Stephen King; Leon Uris; Stephen Baxter; Robert Frost; Ray Bradbury; Stephen Ambrose; Philip K. Dick; Frank Herbert; Dr. Theodor Geisel; Isaac Bashevis Singer; Charles Bukowski; Roald Dahl; Michael Chabon; Art Today (Faulkner & Ziegfeld); Forrest J. Ackerman; Grand Royal (all 6 issues); EC Comics; WIRED; Fast Company; Skeptical Inquirer; Don't Eat This Book (Spurlock); Zagat; nutrition labels; street signs; fine-print boilerplate; album liner notes; CNET; Drudge; Federal and State codes; Westlaw; Lexis.