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Occupation Visionary Artist and Minister
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Introduction "Norbert Kox a semi-hermit, But he is not alone since ever present in his meditative prayer, in the 'bible codes' he finds in a computerized grid of Hebrew letters, and in his lushly visionary paintings and gothic constructions. Increasingly famous and infamous now for his prophetic images that challenge mainstream religious pieties, Kox is a benign, humble, and intelligent man. Clearly at peace with himself, he does not...shy away from confronting us with God's apocalyptic warnings and encrypted revelations. ...communicating God's most secret messages through his intensely glowing paintings and biblically haunted found-object assemblages. Despite the fear that his work sometimes engenders, he has had increasing national success as an artist with a provocatively disturbing vision... He has been retreating from the bitter Wisconsin winters to the tropical sun of Bimini ...tempered some of the harsh...evil. But no matter how much his recent work shows an ameliorating principle, Kox quietly and passionately persists in his attempt to unveil the mysteries of God's strange missives to humankind." (Professor Norman J. Girardot, Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA)