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Gender Female
Location New York, United States
Introduction I'm moody, quirky, idiosyncratic, indecisive, clingy, totally overdramatic, and have an obsession with organization and cleanliness that borders on OCD. I dislike most people, driving, raisins, working, my neighbors, sweating when nudity is not involved, my stomach, being held accountable, poor grammar, being called “Ma’am”, germs, dirt, and anything involving math. I am a terrible cook, but a wonderful gossip, and I love pre-Federline Britney, gum, and being the center of attention.
Interests Zach Braff, Seth Cohen, Dictionaries, Nerds, Gummi Bears, Being Crafty, Flirting, Holding Grudges, Babies, The Word “Rad”, Picking Scabs, Porn, Compulsive Shopping, Heavy Petting, Gum, Boobs, Talking About Poop, Complaining
Favorite Movies Garden State, Serendipity, But I’m a Cheerleader, Old School, School of Rock, Hi Fidelity, Great Expectations, The Lost Boys, Mr. Deeds, Office Space, The Parent Trap
Favorite Music Depeche Mode, Gomez, Belly, Imogen Heap, Liz Phair, Poe, Matthew Sweet, Morrissey, Peter Murphy, Splashdown, Pixies, XTC, The Shins, Josh Rouse, Emiliana Torrini, The Killers, Massive Attack, Death Cab, Keane, Metric, Wheat