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Location SW Washington, United States
Introduction I come from a long line of feisty resourceful women. I've studied various forms of herbalism over years of time and never get tired of it. I've owned an herb shop for the last 14 years and a traveling gypsy bus full of handmade goods, imports, herbal potions, incense, curios, books and more. My love for big city life introduced me to many people from different lands and cultures. I now find peace near ocean and forest.
Interests Buy local, handmade, herbal medicine, handcrafted, heirloom, foraging, edible weeds, nourishing herbal infusions, simple, honest, kindness, grassroots, nomadic, gypsies, slavic, folklore, crochet, yarn, textiles, festivals, flea markets, thriftshops, music, herstory, archaeology, feminine, archeology, tribal, altars, tarot, amulets, talismans, velvet, patchwork, womens mysteries, caravans, circus, co-op, rockhounding, crystals, books, incense, goddess, community, coffee, teas, treasure hunting, astrology, nature, fishing towns, candles, beading, oceans, mountains, bells & chimes, bartering, wildcrafting, beachcombing, designing hats, travel, forest hikes, labradors, afghan hounds, cats