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Introduction willpowerwithhcg@yahoo.com Email me if you have questions or want the recipe book that I use for P2. Remaking me back into the shape I want and it’s not even as bad as it could have gotten. I never thought I was that fat and out of shape until it wouldn’t come off. I was always very small through all my young pre having baby life. There was even a great time between the third baby and fifth pregnancy that I lost all the way down to 110 LBS and fit back into all my cool pre marriage clothing. After that stress took over and life with tons of kids and not taking time for myself. Also a 7 ½ month sit and not walk around happened. The year after that took it's toll with hardly doing anything physical for having to care for the needs of a very demanding handicapped child. For about a year now I have tried and tried and can not loose, so thus a major change has been required and it’s working! That’s the most cool part but, I MUST also make a lifestyle eating change to match it. And fallow Dr. Simeons for life.
Interests Horse Riding, Exercise, Tae Bo, Pilates, Low-Carb eating, Nutrition, How kids eat and their sensory issues, Texture eating issues, Growth and Hormones, Medical research, Brain Trauma and repairs, Gardening, Herbs, Farming, Marathons, Organic, Asian Food, Athletes, Kids sports, Wrestling, Football, Soccer, Swimming, Biking, Work out clothing, Sport bras, Tennis shoes, Nike, Adidas, Nuts and seeds and Flax seed, Coconut and oil, Green cleaners, Solar energy, Mother Earth, Goats, Hunting, Sheep, Beef Cows, Genetics, LEARNING about everything.
Favorite Movies Some chick flicks but mostly I like to read books. Or documentaries.
Favorite Music Jason Mraze, Owl city, Taylor Swift, Yanni, Josh Groban, George Strait, Christmas, Country, classical, some rock and anything that is happy with a violin in it
Favorite Books I love all books but my favorites are The Book of Mormon, Bible, Doctrine in Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. But I love Novels, history of pioneers, biographies, Call me crazy but I read everything including boring medical journals, well mostly when it applies to something I am trying to figure out in one of my kids, I would rather read then watch T.V. I am careful or I stay up all night just to read to the end and then get in trouble the next day by being too tired to handle the crazy family that can out run me.