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Occupation Shot Caller, Yarn Baller
Location Portland
Introduction "Penny and Johnny are the Bonnie and Clyde of contemporary embroidery." -Mr. X Stitch- Our response- "I'm a professional, God damn it. I live in a car." I also write for Mr. X Stitch and Feeling Stitchy. FACE! *There has been some confusion as to who actually writes this blog. It's me, Penny Nickels. Johnny Murder (Manbroidery Founder) is my husband, and occasionally he chimes in and we share a few posts.
Interests ******I'm a print maker, a former book binder, currently a fiber artist and fledgling writer, happily pretend married to a real life rock star comic book artist and original Manbroiderer. We are transplanted Texans who got tired of everyone getting murdered all the time, and now we live in the lovely Pacific North West like crazy hermits. Chess, books, colors, fiber, cooking, damask, small jars, buttons, writing, kissing on my husband, not having children, textiles, wood, weapons, tools, small boxes, visionary environments, picture books, bone knives, whistler's needles, embroidery needles, knitting needles, drop spindles.
Favorite Movies Herzog, (obviously), Kicking and Screaming, Titus, I Heart Huckabees, The Prestige, Perfume, The Science of Sleep, Cabaret, (Bob Fosse is the shit), The Devil's Backbone, A Zed and Two Noughts... DOCUMENTARIES... Uber Goobers, Sex in a Cold Climate, Game Over, Jesus Camp, Disco Bloodbath, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Cocaine Cowboys, more Werner Herzog, The Five Obstructions, The Weather Underground, Inside Deep Throat, This Movie Has Not Been Rated, Hells Bells 1 and 2, The Hidden Fuhrer.... We have at least 100 documentaries.
Favorite Music Os Mutantes, Flin Flon, Cesaria Evora, Ludacris, The Beach Boys, Nina Simone, Missy Elliot, Shawnna, Roxy Music, T. Rex, Bowie, Queen, The Dodos, The Billy Nayor Show, Tom Petty, Wayne the Train, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Jeff Walker, Telethon, The Dutch Treats, The Dooms U.K., Manfred Mann, Donovan, Devendra Bernhardt, Talking Heads, ODB...
Favorite Books Margret Atwood, Louis Ferdinand Celine, Milan Kundera, early Salman Rushdie, early Ian Mcewan, early Don DeLillo, Simon Black, Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Vargas Llorsa, early Arturo Perez Reverte, Dostoevsky, T.S. Elliot, Algernon Blackwood, Blar Blar Blar. I like to read. Also, Bill Willingham, Garth Ennis, Bruce Jones, Warren Ellis, Mark Millar, Brian Michael Bendis, Alan Moore... I have an extensive comic collection. I am not even a little bit ashamed.

You can punch a hole in an apple using a straw. How do you think that makes your milkshake feel?

I like Kelis. I really like that she sang on ODB's, "Got Your Money". Dirt Mcgirt, Y'all!