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Occupation Student
Location Moe World, Philippines
Introduction I won't be giving my real name but you can call me Jei. if anyone would know me here, that is. Personally, I don't really give a damn about who reads my posts. I'm only interested in posting blogs which express my theorems and opinions. I see this blog site as a public diary, so what makes you think I'd tell you a lot about my self?
Interests books, gadgets, movies, fan fictions, internet, t-shirts, bags, stuffed toys, gadget accessories
Favorite Movies Movies that make sense.
Favorite Music Music with combination of electronica, broadway, punk, and goth. Elliot Minor is a perfect example.
Favorite Books Books with a moral. No, not anything like Boys Of Swithins Hall. It does have a moral - male teachers fucking their students or students of an all boy school fucking another (or other) student(s) from an all boy school in public (or in private) is unsightly. NO MORE BOOKS LIKE THAT FOR ME!!!

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