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Gender Male
Location United States
Introduction I'm a German citizen living in the US since 13 years. My exposure to this nation comes from early childhood as my grandparents lived in this country. I came to know both cultures from early on. I have a love of the people and the land wish that my home-country would have some of the qualities that this country has. But people are people whereever you go and the same is true for politics. There's no inherent difference between Germany and the US in that aspect even so some people like to believe it and call America the bad bully for all the worlds evils. It was here that I understood what it means to be a Christian and gave my life to Christ. Also for the ten years I invested my time to learn everything I could about Israel and the Middle East. As I did, many things came into context and made me realize that not everything, if most, is as it appears it is. One of them is the myth that Israel is the Goliath and the "Palestinians" the poor David. Nothing could be further from the truth to the mayhem of Jews and the average Arab alike.
Interests Reading my Bible everyday and lotsmore, Hiking, Horseback-riding, swimming, boating, fishing, going to the movies, spending lots of time with family and friends and having game night once a week. ISRAEL
Favorite Movies Just right now "The Passion of Christ", "Second Hand Lion", and all time "The Sting".
Favorite Music Christian, anything but Hard Rock and Metal; Country but rather before 90's can hardly be identified from popular music anymore. Any kind of music that's good from all decades. Also Hip Hop and Rap as long as it's Christian or at least ok lyrics. There's no end to music if it's truly good.
Favorite Books Bible; The Lord of the Rings; Zion Chronicles, Zion Covenant, Peace To End All Peace by David Fromkin a must read.

You can punch a hole in an apple using a straw. How do you think that makes your milkshake feel?

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