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Location Prague, that's it for now
Introduction Born in shame, she lived in fear, running wild with the animals of the forest who were her only friends (especially the rock hyrax). Found by a kindly troupe of wandering monks, she learned the mystic art of sha-ra-o-kreeeee and became a deadly fighter. With her flowing auburn tresses and lilac eyes, she drew all men under her seductive spell, but there was only one man that could shatter the ice that protected her heart. He was... Lionel, the mighty fishmonger.
Interests reading, tea, maps, history, spinach, medieval cosmologies, how stuff really works, all those ideas about identity, culture and liminality are pretty compelling too
Favorite Music Lots
Favorite Books Too many to mention

You've been entered in a shadow puppet contest. What's your best pose?

I spurn your shadow puppetery. I vogue.