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Occupation Writer
Location Chicago, IL
Introduction I'm a gay Pentecostal preacher's kid who gratefully managed to survive coming out of the closet with my faith intact. Over the years, I've met dozens of other GLBT friends who were less fortunate. This blog is for them--and tens of thousands like them. I pray that something here will encourage all of us to renew or strengthen our commitment to Christ. This starts by looking to Christ for acceptance, not those claiming to speak for Him. Instead of waiting for fellow Christians who reject us to become "gay-friendly," I hope and believe that we can overcome our issues by becoming "straight-friendly"--loving them as Jesus told us to do. On the personal side, I'm a writer who lives in Chicago with Walt, my partner of 20 years. Cody, our mischievous yellow longhaired cat, and his little brother, a black Egyptian Mau, Max, know no end of ways to keep things hopping around our house. tgwolfe91159@gmail.com
Interests My partner and I are shameless--and unashamed--Francophiles. I'm a sucker for the History Channel when it's really about history and not about truckers; other than that I find TV rather tiresome. I try to keep up with tennis and football (soccer); should be a baseball fan since my windows look directly into Wrigley Field but alas I'm not. (Too many fat men standing around waiting for something to happen.) I love holidays and entertaining. Yet I've never been able to warm up to Martha Stewart et al.--too pretentious for me and the kind of folks I like to hang with. Finally I'm fascinated by cultural evolution and politics; not the least bit interested in cable-news shouting matches and punditry and shallow analysis.
Favorite Movies Practically anything made between "The Great Train Robbery" (1903) and the week before "Star Wars" opened (May 1977). In the post-Lucas era: "E.T." "Melvin & Howard" "Prizzi's Honor" "Moonstruck" "Kundun" "Far from Heaven" "Crash" "Brokeback" (of course) "Juno." And "There Will Be Blood" may just be the most powerful movie ever made about hypocrisy and redemption.
Favorite Music Classic rock/r&b/pop/funk--yes; including the one-hit wonders. Jazz always. Contemporary stuff--not so much except for Beck; Death Cab for Cutie; De La Soul; a few others. My REAL passion is black gospel--particularly Thomas Whitfield; Walter Hawkins; Israel Houghton; and Martha Munizzi (even though she's not black--she's an authentic sistah).
Favorite Books Twain, Flaubert, Fitzgerald, David Sedaris, Hunter S. Thompson, Flannery O'Connor, Updike, Martin Amis, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Walter Isaacson. Anthony Lane (The New Yorker's movie reviewer) is by far the funniest and most astute pop culture critic I know. And (though I seldom agree with his politics) the NY Times' David Brooks always makes me think. Of course my favorite book is...