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Gender Female
Occupation Loving
Location Upstate, New York, United States
Introduction I am a 24 year old who seriously needs to get a grip on the fact that I am in fact an adult now! I CANNOT believe I have two children and a husband. I feel like just yesterday that was all I was yearning for. I often catch myself thinking.. "Man, look at that couple and their kids. I wanna be like them when I grow up." STILL. This thought usually gets interuppted by MY 3 YEAR OLD saying, "Dude mom, pretend we're in Star Wars. You're Princess Leia and Elijaeh's R2D2. C3PO is working." C3PO is Sam. We've all been appointed our regular characters by our very own Stars Wars lover Maeson. He's very into things of that sort as well as video games.. all of which he gets from his "buhlogicull", as he pronounces it, dad! So you can imagine, I am sure, how Sam and I feel every five seconds when we have to improv our daily lives around our Star Wars personas. We wouldn't trade it for the world! Aside from being a mama, I'm a sister of 8 total as well as the oldest, and a friend of many. Clearly I was born to love people. So that is what I do. Oh and talk. A lot.
Interests Mothering, advising, inspiring, loving, & breastfeeding

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