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Introduction Born in 1959 on planet Eaarth, Chairman Mal is a moneyed revolutionary dedicated to social justice, equality and tolerance of all sentient species, including those dependent on photonic navigation. At an early age, Chairman Mal evinced a penchant for political action when he organized a “science club” at Holy Family Catholic School by socializing his classmate’s lunch money to fund the construction of an experimental aircraft. The project was unsuccessful, ending when the engineering team set fire to several neighboring yards and his fat little Treasurer was caught at the local Pack a Sack purchasing ding dongs with program funds. Undaunted, the young Chairman hired a budding sociopath to beat up his wayward board member and continued his research sans organized support. In the mid-seventies, Chairman Mal attended Университет Texas на Austin .; and obtained a Bachelors degree in Journalistic Propaganda and a MED (Masters in Erectile Dysfunction.) He currently leads the local cell of the Blind panther party in Austin Texas and ekes out an existence on family trust funds and through the kindness of strangers.