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Industry Education
Occupation Teacher
Location San Mateo, California, United States
Introduction And again, when in the long course of time the story seems to belong to a rather distant past, I am afraid that I shall be regarded as a mere teller of fairy tales or listed among the tragic poets. ~Procopius, circa AD 500
Interests absurdity, adoption, agraphos nomos, alice, ancient greek, animals, anthropology, asl, assemblage, atheism, attic greek, autumn, babybats, bad translations, bats, bibliophilia, bisexuality, books, buffy, children's literature, classical civilization, classical education, cognitive dissonance, comfort, comparative literature, comparative religion, compassion, conundrums, crafts, crickets, darkest hours, dictionaries, disquietude, dormouse, dusk, editing, eleventh hours, ephemera, español, etymology, eudaimonia, existentialism, exquisite dailiness, eyeglasses, fog, games, genitive of why-the-fuck-not, gerundives, ghosts, glossolalia, gorey, goth, gothloli, grammar, happiness, hebrew, hedwig, homer, hoping nobody will notice, hopping ghosts, horror, humane education, i ♥ >1, indie, industrial, inference, inflection, invention of love, ipods, jabberwocky, jeux de mots, judaism, koine, languages, lapsed judaism, latin, law, learning, leaves, lexicons, libraries, linguaphilia, linguistics, literotica, locative case, logophilia, logos, loves, lysias, malapropisms, maryjane, massage, mixed feelings, neo-victorian, nonism, npr, offerings, old books, onanism, orthodox judaism, owls, passive periphrastic, poetry, polyfidelity, rabbits, rain, reading, rhetoric, ritual objects, ruins, rummage sales, sacramento, sapiosexuality, school supplies, schoolhouse rock, social justice, stockings, stoicism, studying, subjunctive mood, ta-tas, tea, teach for america, teaching, thrift stores, tomes, touch, tragedians, translation, treacle, trip hop, used bookstores, veganism, verbal little bitch, vocabulary, wang, whispers, windows, wordplay, words, works cited, writing,, zim, zombies, τὰ καλά, עברית, ∆, ♀♀♂♂,
Favorite Movies Quirky; with a weakness for various vintage and modern horror flicks: Gods and Monsters, Antonia's Line, YES, Rushmore, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Donnie Darko, Mystery Men, Zero Effect, Cronos, The Devil's Backbone, LotR, Reefer Madness: the Musical, Cold Comfort Farm, Garden State, Dead Again, Royal Tenenbaums, Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet, The Linguini Incident, The Philadelphia Story, Rope, Ginger Snaps, Walk the Line, Usual Suspects, The Hunger, Shallow Grave
Favorite Music Indie; with a weakness for old school goth and progressive/new wave: Elliott Smith, Iron & Wine, Mary Lou Lord, Leonard Cohen, The Smiths, Tom Waits, The Cure, Bright Eyes, Dresden Dolls, Nine Inch Nails, The Pixies, Richard Thompson, Regina Spektor, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, Tool, Elvis Costello, Jonathan Richman, The Kinks, Radiohead, The Pogues, Violent Femmes, The Replacements, Bauhaus, Velvet Underground
Favorite Books Dusty; with a weakness for Classical Greek orators (Lysias, et al.) and tragedians (Sophocles): Watership Down (Adams), var. Hermann Hesse, Alice in Wonderland (Carroll), His Dark Materials (Pullman), Just So Stories (Kipling), Homer, The Secret History (Tartt), Invisible Cities (Calvino), The Invention of Love (Stoppard), Letters to a Young Poet (Rilke), Franny and Zooey (Salinger), var. Edward Gorey, Sappho, A Series of Unfortunate Events (Snicket), Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Theodore Roethke, Silk (Baricco)

You get to ride the big roller coaster three times in a row. What will keep your dad from taking a bite out of your candy apple?

Constant vigilance.