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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation Writer
Location Tulsa, OK
Introduction You've entered my playground for words. A daydreamers game of teeter-totter for passion and thought. As a woman who loves accessories, I see God's grace as the ultimate fashion statement. It's one size fits all and will compliment any person, any lifestyle. I think of that when I get dressed, and just as I would reach into my jewelry box to put on a pair of earings, I reach deep inside myself each morning and make sure I put on my sparkling jewel of Grace, doubts and all, because God's Grace is simply receiving a gift I don't deserve. And like all gifts, this one should be accepted. It says something to us from God; that He loves us. It also says something about us; that we need Him. Grace is given to complete our relationship with the Father. It carries a bold message that God thinks we deserve His intimacy. He wants us to wear His Grace so we feel it upon us, gently lying across our pain and shortcomings, covering them with His enabling power. So as I accessorize myself with God's graciousness, I write Him a thank you note with my strength and my praise. You are Accessorized with Grace so don't forget to put it on each day!
Interests The way vintage accessories whisper tales of the past, Impractical hats, Sipping green tea from a red mug under a blue sky, Spoken words between friends, The way letters are placed systematically to create knowledge & power & inspiration, The feel of ink gliding across pretty paper etching my thoughts into it's fibers, Putting paint to canvas, Art that ignites passion, Pink tutus, Words with double meaning, Alliterations, Museums & galleries that display vision & ideas not just artifacts, The delicious excitement of classic comic books & heroes, Drumming to the beat of my own soul
Favorite Movies Anything that inspires me to action moves me to tears or fills my soul with laughter
Favorite Music Regina Spektor, Sidewalk Prophets, Kari Jobe, Michael Gungor Band, Chris Tomlin, Glen Hansard, Francesca Battistelli, Lily Allen, Jonathan Rhys Myers, Hope, JJ Heller
Favorite Books The Sisterchicks novels by Robin Jones Gunn, The Shack, Anything from Beth Moore