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Gender MALE
Occupation I work for my company and my company works for me! Also, I am a full-time Prime Minister & Finance Minister to my own self!
Location City of Conscience, Negeri Bloggerjaya, Malaysia
Introduction I can only comfort my soul by writing about things that trouble my soul...and therefore, i pour out my soul when writting about what trouble my soul! I kill insomnia by writing, I eradicate loneliness by writing, I find peace in writing, I shed my tears and have my moment of anguish throughout each "writing journey"...writing is the only way that I can smoothly express my ambivalent and mixed feelings towards certain issues, it appeases and agitates me at the same time!...In real life, my mind always wrestles with my conscience, more often than not, the former defeats the latter; in writing, my conscience is always triumphant! Writing allows me to embark on the odyssey of the unknown to seek out the truth on my own! I abhor all forms of racism and corrupt practices by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government of Malaysia. I am against social injustices and widespread corruption in Malaysia. Dear readers, thanks for visiting my blog and reading my articles, you're either with me or against me! Nevertheless, each one of us is entitled to his/her opinion. I believe in the freedom of speech!
Interests I have a dream one day Malay masses will cheerfully, willingly, whole-heartedly embrace multiculturalism and diversity in this beautiful land where everyone of us, regardless of race or religion, cares for one another and works together for a progressive and better Malaysia. It is Allah who has created different races with different cultures and different languages, and it is Allah who has put you, as a Malay, in this multiracial country where you have a chance to experience the true meaning of unity in diversity and to enrich yourself with the rich culture of Indian, Chinese, Dusun, Iban, Bajau, etc. If Allah has not allowed it to happen, Allah would have created a planet called Malay Planet, which is solely for the Malay, by the Malay and of the Malay, for you to only see the Malay, hear the Malay, eat the Malay, feel the Malay, touch the Malay and talk the Malay, and "Malay" the Malay, etc; and as a matter of fact, you may not neccessarily love the Malay in this sort of monoethnic environment, you may possibly become inscrutable, even to the point of banality! Since this is the will of Allah to create mankind with different colors like black, yellow, dark, orange, white, etc, you and I have to accept it and live with it with a thankful and cheerful heart. Dear Malay friends, will you be better off and happier to live in an homogeneous and Malay-only world? Like a rainbow, Malaysia is a multitude of colors unifying into one, represents oneness, equality and the beauty of diversity. Malaysia is beautiful because you and I have made it colorful! Please open up your heart to accept us as equal fellow Malaysian Citizens. We don't want to be excluded and be addressed as "Pendatang" or "hanya cuma tumpang di negara ini". I have a dream, would you make my dream come true?
Favorite Movies Castaway, Brave Heart, Independent Day...
Favorite Music Why Can't We Just Get Along - composed by Benjamin Loi Lyrics: --oh oh oh oh ...we can't we just get along asks the world that we belong.. -- ohhh we can't we just get along to sing the "color blind" song... -- you see my color and ask:"why are you so different?", i can only tell you that i don't know why, but i know we are no difference...
Favorite Books Any books that can satisfy and inspire my soul...