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Introduction This blog is a support center for the families of sex workers, who face a difficult path with little support. Saying, "My son/daughter is a stripper/prostitute/sex worker/porn star" is often met with disbelief and awkward silence. We provide links to information that shed light on the abysmal conditions sex workers face in this and other countries, conditions that often result in their rape, torture or murder. This blog takes no political stance on whether prostitution (for those over 18) should be legalized or decriminalized. We are not affiliated with any of the organizations that appear in our links. They are simply resources. This blog will provide resources and support for those who want to exit the sex industry. We offer the stories of women who have successfully left the sex industry to show that recovery from this life is possible and available. We also hope to support the families and friends of sex workers as they grieve and begin to understand the many difficulties their loved ones face as sex workers. Hopefully they can support their loved ones as they attempt to exit the sex industry.