About me

Location dräsdn
Introduction you know that character from a book by michael ende who lives in an amphitheatre following a turtle called cassiopeia?? forget about her, though i'd probably follow a turtle having words written on her back, i'd also live in an amphiteatre if it wouldn't be too cold. but i probably talk more than her, but i can listen (if you manage to talk more than me) and mainly my time goes by in other dimensions than yours... but stop fitting me anywhere... i'm too big, too chaotic, too sleepy, too dreamy, too whateva... i'm just me. if you're wondering why i blogg in german and english. this is me. sometimes english comes easier, and by this blogg i'm also trying to keep some us-friends up to date. so the things interesting to them will be in english, other will be in german. and i guess i will mix it up and will not follow my pattern.
Interests mainly within creativity... taking odd picture inb/w with my strange old camera, making animation movies, learning things about odd things itself
Favorite Movies girly things like dirty dancing and bollywood(i'd never make anyone else watch it with me...)...loving amelie... but also great fan of starwars, indiana and johnny depp... as i said... don't make me fit
Favorite Music metallica, silverchair, die happy, colony, underwater circus ... aber auch jonny lang und louis armstrong
Favorite Books catch 22, unendliche geschichte, momo, in einem spiegel in einem dunklen wort, evanovichs "stephanie plum serie"