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Introduction We’re Steve and Chris. You might be wondering who we are and why we’re doing this. It starts with our wives, both of whom REALLY like Disney….a LOT. That usually means 5-8 trips a year but it’s not like they have to drag us kicking and screaming. Our wives work together selling Disney travel, and as a result, we get to go on a lot of Disney trips, try out new rides, shows, and restaurants and some things that not everyone gets to do and for that, we’re extremely lucky. While we can’t possibly know what’s perfect for you, we can tell you what we see, what we like, what works and what doesn't, in an effort to help you choose some of the many options that come up when planning a trip. The goal is to focus on one thing at a time whether it is a resort, a restaurant, an entire park or just part of it. With our combined 100+ trips to “the world” including Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Disney Cruise Line, we think that we’ll be able to provide you with some tips, hints, LOTS of pictures and even a little video. For the heavy duty, hands on planning, we'll refer you to our better halves but, this is what we think, and we hope you enjoy it.