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Industry Arts
Occupation Blog & Article Perspective Writer, Fine Artist, Poet, Creative Innovator, Aspiring Fashionista, Avid Social Networker, Inspirational Motivator, & Music Artist Promoter
Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Introduction Greetings & Welcome Kool World! My name is Serenada'sPen in the Pen'D World of Success :) But you can also call me Ash, short for Ashley. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. Born and Raised here so I am the originally GEORGIA PEACH. I've been writing since 11 years old and as I got older it became easier to express what I really wanted to say. I'm also known for being an Artist, a drawer by given birth right with a sharp eye, and strong attention to detail! I am the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Real Profiles of Rising Artistic Icons. "Giving a Voice to Today's Artist. It allows me to connect with other Artists of various disciplines and share their stories with the Art they love. Through creating this venture I've found an interest and love for learning other peoples' stories thus interviewing or bloggerviewing was created! It's a Daily Work In Progress so if I'm not working on it directly I'm either networking or thinking of ways to improve it. Thank You for showing interest and being involved! It's hugely gratifying and a Blessing.
Interests Writing Thoughts, Experiences, Opinions, & Poetry, Texting, Surfing the web, Interacting & Socializing on social network sites Twitter & Facebook, Learning about people and how they feel about different topics, Going out & having fun! Traveling, Watching all kinds of movies at home & going to the movie theater, I <3 being outdoors & walking, Amateurishly Singing & Dancing to music videos, Listening to music by any means necessary! [MTV JAMS, MTV HITS, & VH1 SOUL, & Youtube] Definitely Learning how to cook & getting better! Reading on occasion, Engaging in Style & Fashion, Learning in General! <3 Gaining new skills.
Favorite Movies Most recently "A Joyful Noise", "A Walk to Remember", "A Walk in the Clouds", "Avatar", "Rogers & Hammerstein's: The King & I", "Little Women", "The Fast & Furious", "Fast & Furious", "White Orleander", Entire "Anne of Green Gables & Anne of Avonlea" series, "Dance With Me", "Step Up 1 & 2", "Dangerous Liasions", "Don Juan De Marco". "Pirates of the Caribbean series", "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Milo & Otis", & many many more!
Favorite Music So many! Music is an ESSENTIAL part of my existence, MY LIFE. My favorite & most inspiring artist to date for me is Miguel. He is doing the bravest, most appealing, & influential take in music with Rock, Soul, & Hip Hop. He is also combining his own physical Art with his 'Vision' musically & it is Wonderful! <3 His Artistry! Check him out at <> & <> To listen to his Latest Work & DOWNLOAD for FREE! And if you find that you're really Diggin' this #FLY young cat's sound, Check out his Earlier Work "FREE & YOUNG" for FREE DOWNLOAD <> Watch MiguelTV on youtube to view inside the creator's mind as he sings to you! Especially watch SUPER [NATURAL] and SNACK FOR THOUGHT. His soulfulness will blow you away! And catch many of his interviews about his life, struggles to get to where he is now, & the music & Love that inspires him. Qaewiin "Scrimmage" is hot-up and coming music that will take you back old-school when R&B & Rap danced together in harmony! SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE FACEBOOK MUSIC PAGE
Favorite Books "Flowers in the Attic", story entries in "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, "Fear Street" [teenager] If I can't name many books it's because I'm long overdo with reading & it's time to engage in new material! I have 3 books right now I'm trying to stay focused on "Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man" Steve Harvey, "Letters From a Sister" Hill Harper, "Never Make the Same Mistake Twice" Nene Leakes