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Industry Student
Location the Midlands, United Kingdom
Introduction Hey there, my name is Lauren, I'm 17. I don't drive, it petrifies me, and besides, when you can take the train who wants to drive anyway?
Interests Basically, I love fashion, photography and performing arts: I Dance, sing and act, and am fanatical about all three. I've also done set, make up and costume designs for shows, which was great fun. I'm currently studying at college to (hopefully) become a journalist or fashion editor of a magazine. I love summer, adore music, and have an absolute guilty pleasure: italian hazelnut ice cream. I live for the photo oppurtunities, tea, interesting looking people, coffee, trains, long walks, rain, sun, and fashion. I love to paint and draw though I'm absolutely tragic at it! I write constantly, where ever I go. I'm studying English Literature and find myself constantly writing, or I have my head buried in a book. At the moment it's Kurt Cobain's autobiography, which is proving pretty interesting. I love life, and all it has to offer. I also adore travelling, it's so lovely to be able to embrace another place: it's people, culture and lifestyle for a little snipet of time. I love both new york and london, but favour london slightly, in a 'proud to be british' style. New york opened my eyes to the absolute poverty ridden society we actually live in, I live in a tiny british town, so small, not even 'Word' recognises it. Not that I mind it ofcourse, I like that my life, and hometown may never even stir another soul. I could go on living here
Favorite Movies p.s. I love you. No. It is not original in the slightest, but I cry... everytime.
Favorite Music woah, EVERYTHING. Indie Rock, Rock 'n' Roll, Screamo, Dubstep, and even Classical. I'm free to suggestions and have such a variety on my ipod: Owl City, Boys Like Girls, RHCP, BMTH, Lost Prophets, Blondie, Nirvana, All time Low, NevershoutNever! to name a few.
Favorite Books Lovely Bones, Before I die, The 5 people you meet in Heaven. Seems to be a continual theme there, but they are the best books I've ever read.

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