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Gender Male
Occupation Photographer
Location Charleston, South Carolina, United States
Interests Spending time with my wife, photography, reading, snowboarding, strobist, travel, exercise, surf kayaking, and getting ready to have a baby!
Favorite Movies Depends on the mood I am in, but I like movies that absorb me with story, or character, or just the fun of it. Sometimes stupid, sometimes serious, sometimes so bad they are good. Titles that pop into my head - Dodgeball, Once, Starship Troopers (shot right past horrible all the way to horribly great), Hot Fuzz, Romantic Comedies (yeah, I'm a cheesebag, what can I say). As Good As It Gets, Run, Fat Boy, Run, Shaun of the Dead, Firefly, The Fifth Element, Stranger Than Fiction (amazing movie).
Favorite Music Reggae to country to rock to world to alternative. Some days or moods call for specific music, some days I just listen to whatever the Ipod shuffles my way.
Favorite Books Again, my interests range far and wide - Stephen King, the Dhali Lhama, Terry Pratchett, Joseph Campbell, Richard Dawkins, John D. MacDonald, Iain Banks, - this list will never have an end! Sci-Fi, Political, Sociological, Scientific, stupid, funny

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying 'poop deck'?

Why avoid laughing? My pirate name would be Carlos, the laughing sea-bandit. They call it the Jolly Roger for a reason! My battle cry would be "Argh! Yer all a bunch of poopie faces!" That'll strike fear in their hearts.