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Occupation work at starbucks and in my garden and help others with gardens
Location san diego, ca, United States
Introduction I am a 41 year old mommy of a 2 year old and a loving wife. I love my faith, and thank god for the many blessings he has given me in my life. I started my family late and while there are many positives I also struggle with keeping up with my daily chores and my little one. We also have a 3 and half year old 115 pound black lab and 5 year old black cat. I read blogs all the time where moms look like everything is pulled together and life just flows like a bubbling stream. This is real life and my house moves like waterfall at times and a still lake at other times. My husband has a few auto immune diseases and I fell out of shape and gained like 90 pounds during pregnancy. This is a journey of real life and trying to be healthy.
Interests I have recently become very interested in essential oils. The essential oil company I chose is Young Living. I tried others and there are a few doterra blends that are beautiful but over all I loved the notes of the young living oil and how they effect me. I also love to garden and I used to blog on gardening. San Diego is in a severe drought so gardening has been a challenge. I also love Jamberry nail wraps. They are so fun to wear. Most of all I love taking care of my family.
Favorite Movies This is always changing. Braveheart Lord of the rings trilogy star wars ( all of them) Indiana Jones ( especially temple of doom) Gladiator Life Aqautic Zoolander anchorman caddy shack cable guy I could go on and on Ive recently added norbit to my list becuase I could watch it over and over
Favorite Music Wow I love music. I have so many favorites... I dont like screaming in songs or super blusey songs, or death metal, other than that I like it all.... john mayer Coldplay radiohead Pixies modest mouse some of my favorites. debussy Handel vivaldi when I want something classical and some good worship music to keep my spirits high.
Favorite Books Oh god I know I am not a teenager, but i could read the twilight series over and over. garden spells is awesome