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Location Small town , Alabama, United States
Introduction I'm just a "Southern Girl" who loves her Father, her family, and her food. My favorite way of saying, "I love you" or, "You're special to me" is by preparing a wonderful meal, full of love and surprises and yummy food! It does more for me to see delighted smiles on the faces of my "diners" , than to win an award or trip anywhere in the world; because, they have given me the ultimate gift...their praise and appreciation! ❤��❤
Interests Spending time with my loved ones; cooking and creating / learning new recipes, techniques, methods; being the mountains, on the beach, in the woods, walking a pretty trail; love my "babies" (kitties); I enjoy making custom jewelry, oil painting, and cross-stitch. And, I'm a Redditor, going by the name of Chael!
Favorite Movies Can't handle "lost-love" movies! I loved Avitar...I want to live in Pandora, where people respect God, people, creatures and the land...awesome concept, huh? I also liked Australia (which REALLY got a bum wrap from so-called critics!); the X-Men series; all of the "Marvel Comic" movies; The Majestic; just too many to list!!
Favorite Music There's not a genre that I don't like SOME of the music, as well as dislike some of it.
Favorite Books Leonie by Elizabeth Adler, the Flavian de Luce series by Alan Bradley, mysteries, forensics

What is God's favorite color?