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Occupation Business Analyst
Location San Jose, CA, United States
Introduction Okay, I'll start with "random list format!" First, I'm kind of a lousy blogger (sporadic, at best. Boring at worst!). I'm a Bigtime Parrothead / Jimmy Buffett Phan, Lover of All Things Tropical, Tikiphile, Dachshund Mom, Avid Gardener, World Traveler, Scuba-Diver, Harley-Rider (aka Middle-Aged Biker-Mama!), Boater/Sailor, Camping Fool!, Musician and Music-Lover, Artist - Painter, Ceramic Artist and kind of a Sculptor, and (Most recently, unfortunately) a Type 2 Diabetic. And even MORE recently (since late 2009) a Psoriasis-Sufferer (LITERALLY!). My homepage is at Email i-m-q-t-p-i ~~at~~ gmail ~~dot~~ com (remove the dashes). Mention "QT's Blog" in the subject line or else you'll get deleted (I get a metric ton o' spam, unfortunately!)
Interests Gardening, Pets (We have three Dachshunds), World Travel, All Kinds of Music - especially Jimmy Buffett (Yep - I'm a Parrothead!), Harley riding, scuba diving, camping, researching health info (T2 diabetes), diabetic, and a whole slew of other stuff!
Favorite Movies Too many to mention...
Favorite Music Anything by Jimmy Buffett, Country, Classic Rock (mostly 70's-80's VH1-genre), Classical, Reggae, Pretty much anything except Hip-Hop and Rap.
Favorite Books Hmmm... I'll have to think about this one. I like Dean Koontz' newer stuff, and anything by Jonathan Kellerman. But I can't say I have "a" favorite book.

What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?

Duct Tape! It's best for EVERYTHING!