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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Television and Film Writer/Producer, Wannabe DJ
Location Los Angeles, CA
Introduction There's a reason "pop" culture is popular. Most people respond to hip, slick, trendy, easy, flashy entertainment. Some may say this is because we are sheep and quote Karl Marx... "opiate of the masses" ... blah blah blah. But I think the reasons we love certain popular songs/ stories/ movies/ games/ books/ television/ magazines / youtube posts/ blogs/ etc. are much deeper. Not only do we love to share pop culture experiences via communal viewing/quoting/water cooler sessions but we also love how it inspires us to explore the best within us. My blogs and podcasts are dedicated to celebrating the deeper side of popular entertainment even if it appears to be nothing more than cotton candy covered in whip cream floating on a bed of marshmallow fluff. So grab your spoons and dig in.