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Introduction Michael Berish worked as a patrolman, a detective and as a supervisor with the City of Miami Police Department for 22 ears; 13 of which were spent as an undercover detective in the REAL Miami Vice where he worked everything from Narcotics & Vice, Prostitution, Gambling and Pornography, to Dignitary Protection of President Jose Napoleon Duarte (of El Salvador) and Pope John Paul II. His latest book is entitled: REFLECTIONS FROM THE PIT. This book pulls no punches; it shows you the dark side of police work: the good, the bad and the ugly (warts & all), both the humor and the tragedy. MY WEBSITE'S at: www.realmiamivice.com MY BLOG SITE's at: www.realmiamivice.net For more information about the author, his book (and how to order it), plus three free stories to read, visit his website at: www.realmiamivice.com. While there, make sure you click on the category entitled: AUTHOR BLOG (MUST SEE!). It has a potpourri of interesting materials: tons of videos, radio interviews, photos, and all types of music. It's a must see; guaranteed to make you smile, hopefully laugh, and maybe even touch a few heart strings.
Interests Tennis, Golf, Movies, Books, Anyting involved with the ocean, and writing.
Favorite Movies On the Waterfront, Citizen Kane, Gone With the Wind, Cool Hand Luke, Hud, Casablanca, Sahara (1943 version with Humphrey Bogart), The Godfather (I & II), The African Queen, Raging Bull, E.T., Taxi Driver, The French Connection, The Deer Hunter, The Sorcerer, Cohen and Tate, Blue Thunder, A Streetcar named Desire, Spartacus, 12 Angry Men, Ben-Hur. Any movies starring: Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman.
Favorite Music The '60's Rock 'N Roll Oldies top my list (Bobby Darin, Four Seasons, you name it). Joe Cocker, Michael McDonald, Dean Martin (really liked both the way he sang and his style). Johnnie Mathis (my all time favorite; I’ve probably seen him about 6 times, over the last 30 years). Delbert McClinton is the BEST at Rhythm and Blues Music. Andrea Bocelli, for sure (MOMENTOS is my favorite song by him), but for Romantic Latin Songs try the music of Luis Miguel.
Favorite Books Reflection from the Pit by Michael Berish (of course); the guy that wrote that is a GENIUS! Johnnie Got His Gun by Dalton Trumble. To Hell and Back by Audie Murphy (I’ve got a great, personal story about that book; somewhat long, but remind me to tell you sometime). Papillon by Henri Charriere. Any of the writings by: Truman Capote, O. Henry, Marcel Proust, Elmore Leonard, Gustave Flaubert, William Faulkner, Joseph Wambaugh, T.C. Boyle, Charles Dickens, Irwin Shaw (loved his book: The Young Lions; was made into a movie with Marlin Brando, Montgomery Clift and Dean Martin in 1958).