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Location Dublin, Ireland
Introduction Hi there, I'm a vegan living in Dublin, Ireland. I invite you all to see what life is like as a vegan in this part of the world! The aim of this blog is to provide information on quick and easy recipes, product information and restaurant reviews for Dublin's vegan community. Hopefully this blog will help people to realise that being a vegan in Dublin is now, in fact, very very easy! Even the average person who works 9-5, has a hectic schedule, lives in a busy city, doesn't have much time to cook and who loves to socialise can be a healthy vegan with minimal effort! Being a vegan is excellent for your health and much kinder to the environment and other beings that coinhabit our planet. Please take a few minutes to read through my blog and feel free to pick up some tips and comment on whatever you like... or even dislike! I love debate! ;) Gerry, my lurcher pup, is a recent addition to the Velovegan family. I plan to eventually bring him up vegan, but the change will be gradual.
Interests BMX, fixed gear bikes, veganism, photography, videography, drawing, travelling, bowling, films, chilling with friends, going to gigs, japanese food, doing silly dances, fiddling with my ipod, clothes shopping, car booting, bargain hunting, cuddling, playin with cute animals, drinking whiskey vodka and rum, making cocktails, getting lost up random mountains, cooking yummy food, daydreaming about hedgehogs, watching funny stuff, doing up my house, going to the gym, and moaning about things.
Favorite Movies Slaughterhouse 5, Wuthering Heights, Catch 22, Braindead, The Last Unicorn, Edward Scissorhands, American Psycho, Memento, Gattaca, My Neighbour Totoro, Moon, The Machinist, A Clockwork Orange, Fargo, The Shining, Watership Down, Grave of the Fireflies, Dawn of the Dead (1978), Brazil, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Freaks, Leon, The Holy Grail, The Truman Show, Jacob's Ladder, Stardust, Contact.
Favorite Music Metronomy, MGMT, Ratatat, Liars, The Faint, Mount Sims, The Causey Way, DJ Scotch Egg, M.I.A., Cansei de ser Sexy, Daft Punk, Four Tet, MF Doom, Minotaur Shock, Holy Fuck, Neon Neon, Copy, I Will Shank You For a Penny, Copy, Crystal Castles, Dan Deacon, Gang Gang Dance, Felix Da Housecat, Black Dice, Adventure, Fuck Buttons, Santa Gold, Russian Circles, Noxagt, Skinny Puppy, Nullsleep, Devo, The Damned, Robots in Disguise, The Knife, David Bowie, At the Drive In, Dungen, ELO, M83, Le Tigre, Prefuse73, MIA, Les Savy Fav, Bobby Con, El-P, Plaid, Murder City Devils, Fugazi, RJD2, Caribou, Clinic, Pelican, The Bloody Beetroots, U-Point, Unwound, Interpol, Tortoise, Don Caballero, Sluts of Trust, Spoon, Why?, TV on the Radio, Har Mar Superstar, Faith No More, Dianogah, Eels, Ween, Of Montreal, Oxes, Coil, Current93.

If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?

YOU! :-P