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Introduction Hey, there! I used use Blogger, but I moved to my own website and I update over there every now and then -- mostly randomness about goings on my life because my family is all spread out and we're poor communicators: we read each other's blogs to find out what's going on. We've moved away from when people used to write letters to each other and arrived at the point where we write stuff on the internet where everybody can read it in the hopes that our near and dear ones will also read it so we don't actually have to use our fancy miniature computers as the phones they actually are. But Google uses this location as a reference point sometimes, so I suppose I should have something here. If you're reading this, you probably got here from a comment I made on a website that uses Blogger log-in for authenticating. If that's the case: "Hey, there!" I'm not terribly talkative on blogs. If you got here, though, it means that I read your post and felt inspired to respond back to you. Meaning you must have written something super awesome in order to get this lurker to write something because I am SUPER lazy. I mean really. SUPER. LAZY.